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For more information about the services of postpartum doulas, please visit our page, What is a doula? or the DONA International website,

Certified Postpartum Doula

Prince George is so fortunate to have a postpartum doula who is dedicated to serving families! As a certified postpartum doula and mother of four, Charla has been supporting new parents and families for several years. What a need this fills for the growing families of our community! This bridges the gap that often exists for some women between pregnancy/birth and motherhood of our babies on the outside! If you are interested in becoming a postpartum doula as well and would like more information, please visit, and if you already support families in this way and would also like to be listed here, please contact us!

Charla Anderson, PCD(DONA), PES

Nurturing Mothers Postpartum Doula Support

Certified Postpartum Doula

PBi-Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist


Email: [email protected]

When I found out about postpartum doulas I knew I would find joy serving new mothers. There is a lot of support for women while they are pregnant and most women will prep for pregnancy and birth; however, once that moment arrives it is over in a couple days and you are thrust into motherhood. Rarely do we prep ourselves for the life altering journey that comes after the birth of a baby and we are sent home expecting to know how to breastfeed and resume all the other duties of housecleaner, cook, wife, etc...while still looking after our health and the health of our new baby.

We become mothers overnight and sometimes that comes with a flood of so many emotions; of joy and happiness but also feelings of being overwhelmed, tired, unprepared, and isolated. As a Postpartum Doula I am excited to help the transition from birth to motherhood be as smooth as possible with the best possible outcomes. I will be there to nurture and support you and free you from your other responsibilites so you can use your time to rest and bond with your new baby while supplying you with resources and confidence for breastfeeding and what to expect with your baby's development in the postpartum period. 

Also, as a Postpartum Doula, the support and nurture I offer would be what you feel you and your family need. It could be sleep breaks, breastfeeding information and support, someone to listen non-judgmentally to questions and feelings after the baby comes, cooking, light housework, errands or whatever your postpartum wish list may include. What you need may change from week to week. I am flexible to your families' needs, whether it is your first child, twins, adopted, or fourth child!

Contact me for more information! I would love to hear from you!

Emma Paterson

Pacific Rim College-Certified Holistic Prenatal and Post-Partum Doula


Email: [email protected]

Whether you are a first time parent or have had many children. As a post-partum doula my goal is to ensure that transitioning into parenthood is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. I will be alongside you on your journey whenever needed as you find a rhythm with the beautiful new addition to your family. Which entails chest feeding support, child minding, guidance, light house work, support, cooking, etc. Anything you and your family decide you need in this post-partum period I will try my very best to support you in every way that is requested. 

                  I have always had a maternal instinct, which led me to doing a 6-month project on conception, birth and birthing interventions and post-partum care in school. Later, I started working for a midwife, observing her life and hearing all the powerful and amazing experiences she has lived. 

Within that time, a friend became pregnant at 16 years old. Being a young mother, she struggled, and I was there supporting her. When her beautiful baby girl was born, I looked into her precious baby eyes, and I knew I had found my calling. I was convinced that I wanted to be a midwife myself, but I was encouraged to take the path of becoming a doula first, to really understand the different perspectives within the birthing & post-partum community. So that is what I did. I enrolled in the Holistic Doula program, at Pacific Rim College in Victoria, BC, which is known to be the best doula training in Canada. I am a certified holistic birth and postpartum doula. I was raised in Prince George, and I am excited to be making a positive impact within my home community. I am ecstatic to share the knowledge I have obtained through my experiences, and I wish to bring empowerment to the birthing person and their families throughout this most sacred journey. As a mother myself, I am living this journey personally and I know what really needs to be acknowledged. I am back in Prince George building my business. My goal is to encourage a happy, healthy pregnancy, birth and transition into parenthood for my clients.

Birth Doulas Who Also Offer Postpartum Support

Just to clarify - all birth doulas offer some postpartum support - especially in the first days after the birth, and often for several weeks after. For those families who wish to have more support in the postpartum period, some birth doulas will also extend the support they offer. If you are specifically seeking postpartum doula services, feel free to contact us for more information about how we might support you. It is just important to remember when choosing postpartum support that birth doulas who are on call for births must give priority to the expectant mothers at the time of their labours. In other words, visits may need to be re-scheduled with little notice if a birth doula client is in labour. This may be important for you to keep in mind, depending on your situation. That being said, some birth doulas maintain very limited case-loads and are happy to offer full postpartum support when their schedules allow.

Allison Crick, CD(DONA), LCCE

DONA-Certified Birth Doula and Lamaze-Certified Childbirth Educator

Expecting Miracles Birth Doula Services


Email: [email protected]

Birth doula work, for me, began when I was pregnant with my second child. I had the honour of attending a friend's delivery of her first child. I remember driving home after the birth and was overcome with emotion, saying to myself "I have to do this." It is still such a vivid moment in my memory after many years. That is when my doula work began.

I love to see women empowered to birth their babies where, how, and with whom they want to. Every birth and every mother and her family are unique. I love the work I do. Though it is not always easy, I would not change a thing. I am constantly amazed that this is my life.

I am also a Lamaze-certified childbirth educator and in my classes I love to see women engage in their pregnancies and feel like they have all the tools they need to birth their babies.

I am blessed that birth work chose me before I went searching for it. I am forever grateful to all the hundreds of mothers that teach me that birth is an art.

Feel free to visit my website,, to find out more.

Jill Wilson, CD(DONA)

Certified Birth Doula

Birth Buddy Doula Services


Email: [email protected]

I am excited to offer birth doula services in the Prince George area. I have completed DONA certification and have really enjoyed this journey that has included helping some wonderful families. As a mother myself, I understand the effort and support needed by a labouring woman. I am passionate about empowering women as they go through their birth journey. I am also available for postpartum support and as a back up doula, schedule permitting. For more information, please contact me or visit my website,

Rebecca Smaaslet, CD(DONA)

Certified Birth Doula

Lighthouse Birth Services


Email: [email protected]

I am a DONA certified birth doula and have attended births for a few years in Prince George. I strive for continuous education in all areas surrounding family life from fertility to parenting. I am passionate about supporting women and their families throughout the entire childbearing cycle. Postpartum support and back up doula support are also available when my schedule permits. For more information please visit my website, or contact me!